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Product development

We are a reliable partner for your software development projects. Our service includes complete development for your planned product, or outsourced component development. We are working platform-independent and have high experiences in native C++ software development. Our main focus is in embedded applications, sense and control, machine vision, image processing, visualization, and middleware development.

Project management

We are making sure that your product fulfills the customer's expectations. Our service includes interaction and communication with stakeholders, agile requirements engineering and tracking, feature identification, definition and execution of acceptance tests, project execution and progress tracking, continuous software delivery, and installation of agile development tools.

Software Quality

We can help you to bring your development team to the next level by introducing high-quality software practices. Our service includes implementation of an agile development environment, agile requirements engineering, automated testing, software engineering practices, software engineering tools, analysis and improvement of software development process, software architecture and design, software audits, tailored trainings.


We are turning your ideas into something tangible. Prototyping is the key for getting early feedback from customers to validate the product's success. Our service includes hardware prototyping (using platforms such as Arduino, RaspberryPi, BeagleBone Black), software prototyping, and customer feedback evaluation.

Dr. Bernhard Reitinger


Bernhard Reitinger studied computer science at the JKU in Linz and received his PhD in computer science from Graz University of Technology. Bernhard has strong experiences in professional product development and project management, and lead various software projects to a successful product.

As a software consultant and founder of reecon, Bernhard is working with clients in order to ship high-quality software products. Acting as a CSPO, he makes sure that customer needs are addressed and the right features are developed following the software development standards.

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